MIAMI – Today, Cargolux (CV) announced a new route to Shenzhen (SZX). This new route marks the cargo giant’s 6th Chinese destination.

The weekly flight will be routed through other airports to and from SZX. The trip to SZX from Luxembourg (LUX) will take CV through Bangkok. On the return to LUX, CV will stop again in Bangkok, as well as Budapest.

The route has been added due to growing customer demand as well as adding possibilities for further market growth. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is the 24th busiest cargo airport worldwide, and China’s fourth busiest.

Cargolux Shenzhen arrival. Photo: Cargolux

Cargolux Airlines

While this route is new, back in 1992 CV was the first foreign airline ever to land at SZX. Cargolux operates 14 787-8 and 16 747-400 freighters. The airline is Europe’s leading all-cargo airline, and services over 75 destinations.

The airline also has a two-bay maintenance hanger in Luxembourg where they specialize in 747 maintenance up to C-Checks.

The last time we heard from CV, one of its Boeing 747 with the callsign CV7757/CLX38F sent out an emergency Squawk 7700 due to suffering a hydraulic failure an hour before its scheduled arrival time at Prestwick Airport (PIK).

The CV Boeing 747-8R7 was making an overnight trip from Seattle (SEA) to PIK. A Squawk 7700 emergency code was reported at approximately 2:20 PM UTC. The aircraft made safe a landing at 2:45 PM UTC after circling wide of PIK.

Featured image: Cargolux Shenzhen arrival. Photo: Cargolux