MIAMI – Increasing its action against the pandemic, JetBlue (B6) has extended its middle seat blocking policy until October 15. Additionally, it will ban face masks with vents or exhalation valves effective on August 10.

The new measures follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and B6’s own medical experts updated guidelines.

The airline said it would also strengthen its policies by not allowing customers to claim exemptions from wearing face coverings.

“Our policy is meant to offer the strongest level of protection for everyone given all that we currently know about how Covid-19 is transmitted,” said B6 President and Chief Operating Officer, Joanna Geraghty. Photo: JetBlue.

Seat Distancing in Aircraft

According to B6, middle seats will remain blocked on its Airbus aircraft. Additionally, aisle seats will not be available to purchase on its Embraer 190 aircraft.

However, the company set an exemption. Customers who travel together could sit in middle and aisle seats if they wish to.

Airbus A320 cabin. Photo: JetBlue.

Proper Face Covering Is Mandatory

In order to ensure the safety of Crew members and customers, the carrier established new criteria on flights.

JetBlue will provide a mask for customers if their face covering does not meet the airline’s standards.

On the other hand, if passengers do not agree to wear a face covering, they will not permited to board the aircraft.

Furthermore, travelers who do not follow Crew member requests on the aforementioned policies will be reviewed for future travel.

While nose and mouth covering is mandatory, B6 will not require the same for passengers under two years of age.

Featured image: JetBlue Airbus A320. Photo: JetBlue.