MIAMI – Confirmed by multiple sources as well as the airline, American Airlines (AA) will take the E-140 aircraft out of its timetables and schedules starting May 5.

Flown by regional subsidiary Envoy (MQ), the airline had 44 active E-140s as of January 2021. AA utilized the aircraft mainly out of its Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) base, connecting the super-hub to smaller destinations across the US Midwest. AA hubs like Chicago (ORD), New York (JFK), and Miami (MIA) also saw prominent E-140 operations, although they were absent on the west coast.

The E-140 and family were the smallest aircraft in the AA fleet, with the -140 variant seating only 44 in a 1-2 economy configuration. Making room for the more spacious and efficient regional jets, Vice President of Network Planning Brian Znotins says. “As we continue to bring larger jets into our regional system, the Embraer 140s are the first we are phasing out.”

An E-140 on approach for Runway 30 at MIA. Photo: Luca Flores

Older Aircraft amid Fewer Routes

The E-140 fleet is on average approximately 19 years old, all delivered between 2001 and 2003. Newer regional jets like the CRJ and E-175 fleets also have first-class seating, more attractive to travelers than the all-economy E-140, even though the airline doesn’t have the single-seat economy row on the CRJs or ERJs.

American Airlines has already retired a large number of aircraft types, including the E-190, A330, Boeing 757, and 767. What little transoceanic routes are left have been given to the 777-223ER/777-323ER fleet or to the 787s, while the mid-range/transcontinental operations much in the hands of the Boeing 737-800 and A321 aircraft, both of which the airline is a large operator.

It seems the future of the company’s regional operations will be in the hands of the CRJ7/9 and E-170/175.

Featured image: American Airlines E-140 Photo: Luca Flores/Airways