MIAMI – Amaszonas Uruguay (UR), the flag carrier of the South American country, has suspended passenger operations.

Confirming the suspension of passenger services, the carrier announced that it will begin “a process of approach and negotiation with different actors.”

Amaszonas will have to deal with “the main suppliers, the reconfiguration and reduction of the workforce, optimization of the use and destination of the Embraer E190, and other strategic measures.”

Bombardier, Amaszonas. Photo: Mateo33, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Potential Reinvention

“Unfortunately, today the operation in Uruguay has become very complex and complicated,” said Sergio León, the general manager of UR before continuing “we will have to reinvent ourselves in other modes of transport and air work if these are possible.”

UR further stated that work has begun for the airline can potentially relaunch “in the next 3 months [in] the field of cargo transportation and aerial work.”

Such work will allow the airline to “continue with the prerogatives granted by the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) granted by DINACIA.”

The decision to halt passenger operations could potentially be reversed if borders reopen while a request to the DINACIA to take the only E190 in the fleet to Bolivia could also harm the future of the airline.

Featured image: Wikidatos123, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons