Step on board Alaska Airlines and settle into our spacious, comfortable new custom-designed Recaro leather seats with footrests, generous recline and 40-inch pitch, tablet holders and easy-to-reach cup holders and power outlets. (PRNewsfoto/Alaska Airlines)

LONDON — Alaska Airlines has unveiled what has been their latest investment into the carrier post-Virgin merger. They have invested in their First Class experience to give flyers a very West-Coast inspired upgrade.

To begin with this investment, the carrier will be unveiling their new First Class menu this week going into next week with new product extras being implemented on all First Class services throughout this year.

Alaska Airlines unveiled a flavorful new First Class menu inspired by the West Coast food scene. The savoury Beecher’s Flagship and Mushroom Fritatta is filled with Beecher’s Flagship cheddar, sautéed wild mushrooms, and fresh dill. Served with crispy smashed baby Yukon Gold potatoes and oven-roasted tomatoes. (PRNewsfoto/Alaska Airlines)

This new menu will feature fresh and local ingredients which will mix together with fliers seasonal favourites. Such food and drink will feature meals such as Strawberry-lime smoothie shots, an avocado bacon omelette as well as a flank steak salad with green papaya, mint and lime wedges. The carrier did say that Vegetarian options will also be available for fliers.

“We’re always looking to create warm, welcoming experiences for our guests,” said Andrew Harrison, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Alaska Airlines. “By drawing inspiration from both Alaska and Virgin America, we’re building a premium experience that offers a signature West Coast vibe, great value, and genuine caring service. This is all part of creating an airline people love.”

(PRNewsfoto/Alaska Airlines)

Alaska Airlines also said that their fliers who travel under 675 miles will be offered new varieties of snacks, like a Chipotle or Edamame Hummus Plate which will have whole wheat pita and vegetables on the side. In terms of the local delights on the West Coast, this will also be incorporated into the fresh First Class model, with some Nancy’s Fancy Gelatos and Sweet Lady Jane Brownies which are delicacies within the California area.

On top of the Smoothie Shots that are on offer, there will be new wineries and beverages this Summer, featuring new full-leaf teas and an updatable menu that will be rotated based on customer preferences.

Its the little extras of First Class that make all the difference. Alaska Airlines is adding cosy quilted throws on longer flights to keep you comfy. (PRNewsfoto/Alaska Airlines)

In terms of the product of First Class, Alaska Airlines has featured some little-added extras for fliers. There are new in-flight amenity kits that can be used on long flights, featuring a quilted throw and entertainment tablet. There will be elevated serviceware where flight attendants will demonstrate its usage and will present each meal with a unique service on such serviceware.

For the seats itself, it will feature a reclining feature that will have a footrest, tablet holder, increased cushioning and brand new design details. These suites will be retrofitted throughout nearly half of the fleet by the end of 2019 respectively.

On top of this service that they aim to provide to customers, they will also be refurbing their lounges at JFK and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The JFK Lounge is scheduled to open next month with a new 15,000 square foot lounge to be opened in Seattle by next year.