LONDON — Airbus and Heathrow have today celebrated a special milestone in their relationship between the airport and the A380 program. March 18th, 2018 celebrates 10 years of A380 operations, with Singapore Airlines launching that very first special flight a decade ago.

Heathrow is now the world’s busiest A380 airport, serving 78 million passengers a year. Every day, some 50 A380 flights carry 10% of Heathrow’s daily passenger traffic on a choice of nine airlines to reach 15 global destinations.

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Simon Eastburn, Director of Airline Business Development at Heathrow said: “It’s been fantastic to see nine of our airlines welcome the Airbus A380 over the past decade. Ten years from first flight, this pioneering aircraft has helped us reduce noise and improve efficiency whilst supporting continued passenger demand for long-haul routes. This is one of the most popular aircraft for many passengers so we look forward to celebrating this milestone with them.”

David Dufrenois, Head of A380 Market Development at Airbus, said: “The A380 is essential to the operations of Heathrow, which is today the first hub in the world for long-haul traffic. As 70% of long haul-traffic connects through hubs, the unique A380 offer strengthens Heathrow’s passenger appeal over other airports.”

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Heathrow went on to say that passenger traffic at the airport doubles every 15 years and to withstand that growth in passenger numbers, the A380 helps out a lot in that process. The airport went on to say how they are going to celebrate this significant milestone:

“To celebrate the tenth anniversary, Airbus and Heathrow will surprise passengers landing at Heathrow on selected A380 flights until March 28 with A380 goodies. Ten lucky passengers will also receive VIP packs to continue their journey to London in style, including complimentary Porter service at the airport, Heathrow Express Business First tickets to Central London or WeKnowLondon Chauffeur Drive to winners’ chosen address, and a £250 WeKnowLondon voucher.”

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All-in-all, it is a significant step for the A380 program, especially at times of slow production rates and uncertainty about its life. Heathrow and other airports around the world will see the A380 for many more years to come, especially with recent orders like the 36 additional units that Emirates placed to keep the program alive for at least another 10 years.