Photo: GECAS.

MIAMI – GECAS has delivered the first of four Airbus A320neo aircraft to Air Travel (A6). The jet is the first on the rebranded Hongtu Airlines’ fleet.

Having launched operations in 2016, the Chinese company started its fleet with an Airbus A321.

First A320neo aircraft for the carrier

Since then, the airline became an all-Airbus-operator with the addition of nine aircraft. These allocated in three A319, four A320 and two A321.

Airbus A320neo. Photo: Don-vip fron WikimediaCommons.

Now, GECAS has delivered the initial A320neo aircraft of a four order to the carrier to boost their fleet.

The new aircraft is also the first LEAP-powered A320neo to enter in service with A6.

Regarding the jet performance, A6 Chairman, Jiazhu Wu said the LEAP engines would provide an enhanced efficiency to their Airbus fleet.

Changes during four years

While A6 has increased its domestic operations with more aircraft, it also went through various changes.

Standard Air Travel Airbus A320. Photo: IFN.

With only two years in the market, Yunnan Hongtu Airlines brand was changed to Air Travel.

Then, in 2020, the carrier moved its hub from Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG) to Changsha Huanghua International Airport (CSX).

According to Centre for Aviation (CAPA), the registered Yunnan Hongtu Airlines name then became Hunan Hongtu Airlines.

In contrast, the brand name is still being the adopted 2018 one.

First Airbus A321 received in 2015. Photo: Hongtu Airlines

This particular airline was founded in April 2014 as Hongtu Airlines and commenced operations in May 2016.

Air Travel received its first aircraft, which was an Airbus A321 back in December 2015, with the aircraft originally destined for UTAir Aviation.

Up to this date, the airline only offers domestic flights around China.

In-all, this is another achievement for GECAS and Air Travel as it continues to grow in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.