LONDON — Today, Air Tahiti Nui introduced the Dreamliner into the Global Distribution System, meaning that the flights that the aircraft will operate on have finally been unveiled.

Back in 2015, Air Tahiti Nui placed the order for four 787-9 planea, with two firm orders and the lease of two additional aircraft through Air Lease Corporation (ALC).

First flights are going to be launched in November, when the carrier will be providing direct services to Auckland, New Zealand.

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These flights coincide with the modernization the carrier’s fleets and the retiring of their A340-300 aircraft. This is expected to occur at the same time as the Dreamliners come into service.

Phasing out of the Airbus planes should be completed by September 2019, according to the airline.

With these new aircraft on their way comes a new product that the carrier will be unveiling to flyers this week.

Dubbed the MOANA Premium Economy Class, it is aimed at providing more comfort with extra leg room.

The product will offer an optimum pitch of 38 inches, which consists of 19 inches width and 8 inches reclining on the seats. These will be arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration offering a total of 32 seats.

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The MOANA name will also be featured on the economy class, which at nine abreast in a 3-3-3 configuration will offer 232 seats in total.

The Economy Class seats will be installed at a seat pitch of 31 inches and will offer up to six inches in reclination.

Moving towards the Business Class, the airline has announce improvements to their current Poerava Business Class.

Offering a total of 30 seats in a six-abreast 2-2-2 configuration, this product offers a 180-degree, fully reclining seat, and comes with 60 inches of pitch and 78 inches fully reclining.

The updated product will offer a touch screen remote control pad with in-flight entertainment, personal lighting, and a privacy divider.

In-flight entertainment is also being updated with the ex3 model from Panasonic, which will provide fliers with “unmatched performance” and reliability when it comes to Audio and Video on Demand.

Business Class screens will be as wide as 16 inches with Premium Economy products being as wide as 13 inches and 12 inches for regular economy.

On top of this, for short and long-haul flights, in-flight WI-FI is also going to be installed onto the Tahitian Dreamliners, which will keep fliers connected.

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With Auckland flights launching within the next 7-8 months, the carrier now has the chance to streamline the product significantly before it is released to the wider public.

With the updates to their products onboard already being announced, it shows that Air Tahiti Nui want to be one step ahead of the game in providing the ultimate flying experience for any flyer in any product class.