MIAMI – Air France (AF), continuing its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, has partnered again with the Air Emploi Association to support the “Feminizing Airline Professions” competition.

The competition, organized since 2009, aims to raise perception on possible career openings in aviation and space and push young school-going girls to become pilots, aviation maintenance agents, or take up jobs in aeronautical or space industry sectors.

Anne Rigail, Air France CEO, addressing the schoolgirls from the Henry Wallon School. Photo: Air France Corporate media

Learning the Ropes

Following the guidelines of the competition, AF has invited a group of seven high school female students, accompanied by a supervising teacher, from the Henry Wallon School of Aubervilliers, a Paris suburb.

The group was seconded by seven AF’s female aircraft maintenance agents, all volunteers, that explained about their job and training while escorting the schoolgirls on a Boeing 777-200 tour.

During the visit, the group had a glimpse of the maintenance operations, both on the ground and on-board, saw how the cabin was maintained and visited the cockpit.

The group of Henry Wallon’s schoolgirls invited by Air France in the framework of “Feminizing Airline Professions.” Photo: Air France Corporate Media

“Feminizing Airline Professions”

After the visit, the schoolgirl’s group created a poster and made a film of the subject of feminization in the air transport industry and their work won second place on the award list. During a ceremony, held at the Air and Space Museum in Paris on June 23, the group was addressed by Anne Rigail, AF CEO, that told them how his career evolved.

Air France employs women as pilots, engineers, mechanics, station managers, ramp managers, and even CEO, just to mention a few of the jobs usually identified as masculine, and its workforce is composed of females up to 44.9% making AF a “gender-diverse” airline. In March 2021, the carrier has obtained a score of 89/100 on its index of professional equality, better than the government imposed 75/100 minimum

Disparities are still present and AF is set to pursue its effort in “Feminizing Airline Professions,” thus promoting access to women to all professions, including those of a technical aspect.

Sourced from AF Corporate Press Release

Featured image: Air France Boeing 777-300 F-GSOK. Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia/Airways