MIAMI American Airlines (AA) said it will start Pilot training for the Boeing 737 MAX in November, according to a report by Reuters. This comes as the Boeing 737 MAX family of aircraft looms closer to being recertified.

However, an AA said that while the airline has initiated the Pilot training scheduling process, it “can be canceled if the MAX is not recertified.”

American Airlines 737-800. Photo: American Airlines

Comments from American Airlines Pilot Training Director

American Airlines’ Director of Flight Training Planning and Scheduling Ameya Kingaonkar said in a memo, “With the planned return to service for our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the near future, we will begin conducting…Special Training for our Boeing 737 Pilots.” 

The memo also said that the training consists of a distanced learning module and a briefing with a simulator session. AA wants to release the modules on October 28 and to have 1,700 Pilots training in November. However, training is expected to finish in January 2021.

Boeing 737 MAX 7 Testbed dropping of EASA officials at YVR. Photo: Max Langley

737 MAX Recertification

The Boeing 737 MAX is being rigorously tested and scrutinized following the two crashes that killed 346 people. The crashes were a result of the MCAS software providing false readings which sent the planes into a nosedive.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada, and EASA have already carried out test flights in Washington State. Additionally, just last week, a training review of aircraft began in London as per the FAA.

The Joint Operations Evaluation Board included civil aviation authorities along with airline Flight Crews from the U.S., Brazil, Canada, and the European Union. The Board met at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) for nine days “to review Boeing’s proposed training for 737 MAX Flight Crews.”

With the COVID-19 Pandemic raging on, it will be interesting to see when the aircraft will be ungrounded.

Featured image: American Airlines 737 MAX 8. Photo: Luca Flores @luca_at_lax