MIAMI – A UN World Food Program (WFP) chartered cargo plane has crashed shortly after takeoff from Juba Airport (JUB) today, killing seven people on board.

South Sudan’s Minister of Transport Madut Biar Yel was on the scene of the crash and said that the cargo plane that belongs to South West Aviation had crashed in the Referendum area of Juba a few minutes after it took off.

According to Mr. Yel told reporters that the aircraft was carrying goods and money headed from Juba to Wau and Aweil towns. The cargo plane, an Antonov AN-26, was carrying three crew members and five passengers on board, according to the official.

Juba International Airport. Photo: Wiki COmmons

One Survivor

The Minister detailed that “The cargo plane took off from the airport at 7:48 am. The aircraft hired by WFP crashed with eight people on board, but there is one survivor.”

The official assured that the government of South Sudan would begin to carry out investigations into the accident. As of now, no cause of the crash has been announced.

This is a developing story.

Featured image: Antonov AN-26, United Nations. Photo: Wiki Commons.